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Back in 1654, The Crystal Palace was known as the Three Tuns Lodging House. At this time, the pub had an extra floor. 

The Crystal Palace that we now know was opened in that old lodging house in the early 1850s, its name commemorating the Great Exhibition held at The Crystal Palace. The wood panelling in the left bar (which is where Nelson is believed to have stayed when it was a lodge) was salvaged from the old Three Tuns when it was demolished. 

Around 1935 the top floor was removed, its roof marks still evident on the gable end of the building. 

Legend has it that when digging a well in the back yard, to supply the brewery with water, a workman tapped into a hot spring - which was capped on the understanding that the corporation would lay on a free supply of cold water. 

In 1981, the landlord at the time uncovered several skeletons and a Roman mosaic in the cellar. It was decided not to move the mosaic, but to preserve it underneath a layer of polythene and sand. It’s still down there today… 

The Admiral Nelson

Drinking in the left of our two bars? Then you’re in good company. Nelson is believed to have stayed there when the building was a lodging house.

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